About Shad Brooks

As well as being a passionate writer Shad is also a very popular internet personality. His YouTube channel, Shadiversity, has over 650,000 subscribers as of July 2019, where he examines and celebrates fantasy and medieval subjects as well as the occasional instructive video on creative writing.

Shad grew up in the country of Victoria Australia where he was free to make wooden swords and play in imaginary fantasy worlds to his heart’s content. This love of fantasy and swords has been with him his whole life and he loves bringing the worlds of his imagination into greater reality through illustration, playing tabletop roleplaying games, and writing.

Shad decided to be a novelist in 2007 and begun a dedicated endeavour to learn how to be one to the best of his ability, participating in top creative writing courses and learning from some of the most successful fantasy writers in the world. Over the course of twelve years Shad married, had four children, launched a highly successful YouTube career and wrote the equivalent of nine novels. Most of these books were preparatory works to give shad the practice and ability to write at a professional level, the last book being the one he set out to launch his writing career with; Chronicles of Everfall, Shadow of the Conqueror.